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Morocco, Land of contrast and magical seduction.

Located on the westernmost tip of North Africa, bordering Algeria to the east, Mauritania to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the country enjoys the perfect geographic situation over most neighboring countries. Morocco is one of the most colorful, mysterious, and stimulating travel destinations on earth.  With its evocative and magical cities, a wealth of antiquities, thousands of miles of spectacular coastline, the stunning Great South and the unique and picturesque villages and valleys of the diverse and colorful mountain chains of the Rif, the High Atlas, the Middle Atlas, the Anti-Atlas, and the largest Sahara Desert in the world dotted with fascinating traditional villages, dunes and oasis. Morocco enjoys a wonderful climate and a rich and fascinating history; it is definitely a place for escape, for experience and for adventure. Its distinct and lasting quality is becoming scarce and for that reason alone, Morocco remains one of the best cultural destinations, the visitor can’t help but fall in love with this unique and intriguing country where ancient tradition and modern progress melt together into an amazing and breathtaking beauty; Morocco is certainly a country apart, it is no wonder many travelers return time and time again.

For some, the country’s main attraction lies in the infinities and quality of its sparkling coastline and beaches, others would favor a trip to the magical Sub-Sahara for a camel ride or a night under the stars. Yet, the Atlas Mountains offer a very memorable experience for those visitors seeking adventure such as mountain trekking on foot or on horseback. It is also worth to mention that Morocco offers countless sport activities such as surfing, fishing, motor sports, horse riding, biking, and camel trekking; for golfing fans, the country has some of the best golf courses in this part of the world.

No matter how well seasoned a traveler you are, you will find plenty of things to do and explore in Morocco; it is the unique blend of the African, Berber, Arab and Mediterranean cultures, and the magical land of medieval and fabled cities.

Moroccan cuisine has gained international respect; and Moroccans consider their traditional cooking to be on a par with Chinese, French and other great cuisines of the world. It is rated one of the most diverse in the world because of ages of interaction with other cultures. The taste is exotic, full of rich and deep earthy flavors. Moroccans consider eating both a practical and social ritual in this land of good and abundant food. If you have not had Harira, Kouskous, pastilla, lemon olive chicken or kababs you just had food to fill up your belly. The most popular drink and the number one ritual of the day in Moroccan cuisine is the mint tea which accompanies most meals and without which no social gathering is to be held.

Moroccans are friendly, polite, and curious about learning other cultures. They are easy going, tolerant and have a great sense of humor, not to mention their generosity and hospitability. A visitor can get in the heart just by learning a few words of Arabic or Berber or by simply sharing a Moroccan meal with a family. Such gestures of friendship are what turn a somewhat plain holiday into a great cultural experience.

Make Morocco your favorite destination.

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