A word from the CEO

Dear colleagues and friends;
Having worked with hotels and travel agents over the years, I’ve realized that being in the tourist business is something I enjoy because it allows me to have a great deal of contact with different people and various cultures. Having been in the field for some time and after several relevant qualifications, I feel I have gained a wealth of experience to be able to proudly call myself a travel agent.
Today, I am here to announce to you the birth of ‘Morocco Incoming Services’. A newly created travel agency located in Agadir, Morocco.
Undoubtedly an asset and an additional engine to the travel industry locally, nationally and internationally. M.I.S. is a travel agency created with the aim of developing business through professional management, ethical business practices and service excellence; we will work towards building world-wide partnership with tour operators, individuals and corporations alike.
Many thanks to all my colleagues and friends for their help and support; and a warm welcome to our future clients and partners with whom ‘Morocco Incoming Services’ is aiming to build an honest and fruitful business relationship. We are looking forward to doing business with you all, and May God Bless.

Mr. Mohammed Saddiki

General Manager
Morocco Incoming Services